Animal-Proofing Your House

Some animals that come into the backyard are fun and relaxing to watch, some aren't. How many times have you had to clean up after the raccoons, or been woken up by their drum solos. Rats and mice are annoying, dirty, unwanted guests. Bats can make a lot of racket with their nocturnal parties. Skunks can, well, skunks are just smelly. All these animals come looking for food and shelter. The best way to keep them from coming is to animal-proof your house so they won't find what they're looking for and have to move down the road. There are three major steps to animal-proof you house: eliminate source of food, eliminate shelter and access to your house and getting rid of an animal that gets in your house.

Eliminate Source of Food: To eliminate one food source, pick up any fruits or nuts that drop from your trees. The dropped food is an easy buffet for raccoons and other prowling creatures. Another source of food is garbage. Keep your garbage in the garage, until garbage day; when this isn't possible it is important to get air-tight garbage cans with lids. If you have some particularly clever raccoons, this might not stop them. Then get a rack in which to place the garbage cans so that they can't be turned over.

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