Prevention + Detection = Effective Pest Control
While increasingly restrictive legislation limits the availability of insecticides, it doesn't mean that there is less of a need for pest control. Using insecticides as the primary method of pest elimination is simply incompatible with growing concerns about public health and environmental protection. In addition, pesticides can also be rendered useless and ineffective with continued use.

When an insect infestation is treated with a single class of insecticide, the most susceptible insects will be killed, but a small fraction with a higher tolerance will survive and reproduce. Over time, this pest population will become resistant and can no longer be treated with the pesticide, forcing pest control professionals to rely on alternative methods.

The Effectiveness of Electronic Monitoring and Early Detection
Rather than treating insects with pesticides, today's pest control professionals need to adopt a multi-faceted approach incorporating both pest prevention and early detection. It doesn't take much to start the buildup of a pest population, and for many pests, a damaged package of food or crumbs spilled on the floor constitutes an almost infinite food supply.

The key is to implement sensitive monitoring systems and to analyze monitoring data in order to make decisions about when and where to take action. While electronic monitoring comes at a price, an investment in a good monitoring program is typically more cost-effective than eradicating pest problems that have been detected too late.

Taking the Next Step
When insect activity is detected, immediate action must be taken to identify and eliminate the source of the problem, while also determining how the insects entered the facility in the first place. Armed with this information, pest control professionals can now take action.

As previously mentioned, a multi-faceted approach to pest control is the most effective method. Now that you've identified the source of the problem, you can engage in the physical removal of pests and eradication of harborage.

Outsmart Pests with Early Detection
Synergy is the cornerstone of modern pest management, as programs are built around a variety of complementary tactics, such as early detection through monitoring, thorough inspection for harborage sites and targeted applications of pesticides that pose little risk to the environment and the workers in the facility. By focusing on preventive pest control, the need for insecticides can be greatly reduced and replaced with safer, environmentally friendly alternatives.